RMC Motorsport is a company specialized in the preparation, maintenance and assistance of racing cars. RMC Motorsport has extensive experience in Asphalt and Dirt Rallies, having achieved important victories both at the world and national levels and with a firm commitment to young talent. Throughout its history it has won important titles such as the one achieved by the Peruvian Nicolás Fuchs in the Production World Rally Championship, in the 2013 season. While in Spain it has carried out different initiatives such as Production Rally Racing, the R2 RMC Scholarship or N5 RMC Cup. Initiatives that have allowed young promises on the national scene to take their first steps and continue to progress both inside and outside the team. A career that has also led them to win four absolute titles in the Spanish Dirt Rally Championship (with Yeray Lemes in 2009, with Benito Guerra in 2010, Since the 2016 season RMC Motorsport has been heavily involved in the creation, development and maintenance of the N5 category.

Lithuanian automobile sport federation

 While observing the current situation in automobile sport in Lithuania, we see an inevitable necessity to integrate Lithuanian automobile sport into a wider context, i.e. to continue cooperation and develop new projects alongside with other European countries.

Our task is to promote automobile sport in Lithuania and make it contemporary attractive not only to sportsmen but also to spectators and sponsors is considered as one of the main goals of our organization.

We expect that our common work will help to develop the Federation into an organization cherishing automobile sport and becoming a helper and a unifying axis for the LASF members.


Company that has existed for more than four decades. In the 1990s, with more than 20 years of racing experience under its belt, SM is manufacturing and developing a racing transmissions, sequential transmissions, racing suspension and its components.

The company’s main objective has always been – and will remain – to manufacture products of the highest quality and reliability.


Pakelo Lubricants

Pakelo Lubricants is an Italian company that specializes in the production of lubricants for various types of vehicles, machinery, and equipment. The company was founded in 1930 in Padua, Italy, and has since become a prominent player in the global lubricant industry. Pakelo Lubricants offers a wide range of lubricants for cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, and marine applications. The company’s products are developed using advanced technologies and are designed to meet the specific requirements of different types of engines and equipment.


P1 was formed with only one intention in mind: to develop the world’s best fossil free and performing fuels. Taking a data-centric approach we have spent considerable resources researching sophisticated chemical components and developing innovative formulations.

By using artificial intelligence and advanced chemistry P1 creates bespoke solutions that provide accountability, transparency, and the complete customization of fuels to car makers, racing teams, and consumers.

Our mission is clear: Enabling the automotive industry, motorsports, development teams, and – very soon – consumers to make the transition to a new climate neutral mobility using fossil free fuels.


A sales and a  manufacturing company of stainless steel products, found in 2006

We implement stainless steel products in the markets of Lithuania and Latvia. Our partners value us due to the high quality of our products, and because we consistently keep our word.

Hardman - Vehicle systems

Hardman 4×4 was created in 1999. Since then we became one of the biggest 4×4 accessories distributors in the Baltic state. We are offering 4×4 modifications according to customers needs. During all this time we became dealers of ARB 4×4 Accessories, Old Man Emu, Rival, Metec, Steeler, Lazer, Sheriff and a lot more.

Lazer - High performance lighting

Since it was founded in 2010, British manufacturer Lazer Lamps Ltd has been at the forefront of LED technology, bringing world class technology to its customers, and in the process setting the standard in automotive auxiliary lighting solutions. Combining competition beating performance with automotive quality standards, Lazer products are now recognised as leaders in their field. Proudly manufacturing products in the UK, Lazer has introduced market leading products driven by company Director Ben Russell-Smith, who has been working at the forefront of vehicle lighting design since 2002, managing exterior lighting projects at Nissan’s European Technical Centre, and at Ford of Europe


Samsonas Rally Utena, is a final event of Lithuanian automobille rally championship (LARC) which is organized in Samsonas Motorsport company’s hometown Utena.